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Posted On: 7/15/2019

Work Done

I've had a couple work orders in my lease period, and the guys here are always super nice and friendly. They always leave the signage saying they have been here, they never bring any dirt into my apartment, they always take care of what needs to be done and if they cannot, they explain why not and what to expect (the best that they can do at that time). I don't remember any of their names if I can be honest, but I have not seen a person that does maintenance here that has not done something in my apartment. Every single one of them has been great and super friendly. I'm not sure if this review will do any good for them or not; however, I am hoping it does. They always do a spectacular job and today it just occurred to me to write a review in hopes that it can get them a raise or some type of reward. They are wonderful. Thanks for reading this!
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